She Likes To Cook

Welcome to my new blog!

It is difficult to explain how genuinely excited I am to start my blog, She Likes To Cook. I have been thinking about this project since I was in college (I graduated with a degree in Computer Science in 2011). While I was discovering myself in college and exploring my passions, I began learning about some of the many family recipes that have been passed down through the generations. Many recipes come from a grill house that my family owned in Boston (there will be more to come about that restaurant in future posts).

she likes to cook

The last five years have been very hectic, my wife and I got engaged, married, bought a house, and adopted our first child Patrick. This blog will be my way to experiment, share, and organize recipes for my future readers and for my family as well.

Latest Blogposts:

I hope you enjoy my posts as much as I will creating them. As a way to add a little context to my new endeavor, I wrote up elven quick facts about myself, my life, and my family.

Stay tuned for my Velvet Cake recipe!